About Holi Hemp


The term “Holi” refers to the triumph of good over evil and is the name of the widely celebrated, colorfully cultural Holi festival which occurs in India as winter turns into spring. Its historical context in essence tells the story of power returning to the people. Holi illustrates our foremost priority at Holi Brands which is empowering people in their health and wellness.


Holi Hemp is paving a new way in wellness through a positive, proactive, people first approach. We are raising the industry standard by making natural, alternative, safe solutions to addictive drugs and approaching health from the perspective of deep healing, not simply targeting symptoms. We are initiating a shift to research-backed products using natural ingredients to  empower health and body positivity. Reminding people that they have the power to heal.


Our mission is to empower our communities through affordable access to science-backed, plant-powered products. To us, empowering the community means giving individuals the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves through the science and healing power of holistic wellness.

Who do we help?

Everyone. We believe the immense benefits of hemp should be accessible to all – defying the borders that separate our society among class, social status, race, gender, and geography. Everyone deserves access to affordable, natural, plant-based medicinal alternatives.

Trust us

At Holi Hemp, we have developed a unique portfolio of premium CBD products that retailers and distributors can trust for their customers. Holi Hemp products are backed by science, many with patented CBD formulations. Our brands offer holistic solutions for both inner and outer wellness.

All Holi Hemp products are made in our GMP-certified facility in Vancouver, Washington. Our approach ensures quality, accuracy, and consistency. We are fully involved in and facilitate the entire production process promising to deliver a high-quality, effective, and honest product.

Our team of scientists are currently involved in innovative and groundbreaking research to address various ailments, while also holding an impressive patent portfolio for cannabinoid-based treatments.