Holi-Cramp Plus


Menstrual Cramp Cream with 5% of Menthol and Nourishing Hemp Extract.

Rest easy and feel breeze with rapid relief. Our Holi-Cramp Plus – Menstrual Relief Cream with menthol is formulated with industry-leading levels of hemp and menthol (2800 mg) for instant and long-lasting relief from pain related to menstrual cramps.

Menthol’s cooling sensation relaxes muscles in tandem with its soothing aroma for overall calm and wellbeing. Our Vitamin E, MCT oil, and olive oil rich cream is deeply penetrating, safe, and nourishing for sensitive skin. Experience instant relief from dysmenorrhea and menstrual cramps with Holi-Cramp Plus – Menstrual Relief Cream with Menthol.


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