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Try the 3 Nominees for $45

Sore Head Roll-On:

Experience targeted headache relief with our award-nominated roll-on. Crafted with natural ingredients like menthol, lavender oil, and peppermint oil, it brings immediate relief. Just apply to temples or forehead for a cooling sensation and calming aroma. Enjoy on-the-go relief with this compact roll-on. (Regular price: $15)


Experience the award-nominated Holi-Wonder cream, ideal for muscle and joint relief. With lavender, aloe vera, and jojoba seed oil, it quickly soothes and hydrates, reducing inflammation and promoting rapid relief. (Regular price: $46)

Relax Gummies:

Try our award-nominated Relax Gummies in Raspberry flavor, the Best Edible Product for stress relief. Infused with natural ingredients like evening primrose oil and vitamin E, these delicious gummies promote mental and physical wellness. (Regular price: $20)

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